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[pic] [pic] Name: Student Number: Class: Teacher: Table of Content Introduction - 3 - Advantages of ERP - 4 - Disadvantages of ERP - 5 - Conclusion of advantages and disadvantages - 6 - Successful ERP implementation - 7 - Failed ERP implementation - 8 - Conclusion - 10 - List of references - 12 - Introduction For this essay I have chosen the analysis of the ERP system. In the last few weeks we have been focusing mainly on ERP and discussing it, therefore I have chosen it. I believe that this assignment will help me find out how well I have mastered the understanding of the ERP system. This essay is going to be provide a clear overview on how a specific company has integrated the system of ERP in their…show more content…
Successful ERP implementation: This is an example of a company (TATA) implementing an ERP system which succeeded. I have used information from this site [3] as reference for this summarized conclusion. TATA made several considerations before choosing an ERP because they were aware that customers are extremely demanding in the iron and steel fields. They carefully examined every single area inside the organization, their needs, their common activities and detected several possibilities of improving the quality of their daily tasks. They finally found an ERP compatible with their specifications, and they even evaluated how their future operations would perform if they implemented the chosen system. The implementation process took almost a year in this case, due to the volume of operations and the major steps to be taken. However, there is one thing to keep in mind, and this is that TATA never rested during the learning and adaptation process. That is why they experienced a substantial increase in their profits in a short period of time. Failed ERP implementation: This is an example of a company’s (Hershey’s) failed attempt on implementing ERP. Also here I have analyzed certain sites[4][5] and used their information to write a summarized conclusion. Hershey is a manufacturer of chocolates, confectionaries and beverages
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