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C11OE Individual Assignment – Due 11th March, week 10 You have the week of 25th February, by which time you will have covered the key areas for the assignment, without a lecture in order to facilitate your research for this assignment – use it well! Objectives The operations function of any enterprise has a direct and significant impact on the competitiveness and success of the firm. Upon completion of this project, you will have gained a deeper understanding of how the goals and objectives of an operation are realized in the way they do business. The project will draw upon the skills, concepts and models we have discussed this semester – e.g. operations strategy, process mapping, quality management, and lean – and apply them in a…show more content…
Failure to reference properly constitutes a violation of university regulations i.e. plagiarism and is a serious offence. In your bibliography you provide the following full details of each reference: Kraljic, P. (1983) Purchasing Must Become Supply Management, Harvard Business Review, Sept. – Oct., pp. 109-117. Due Date Deadline for reports is Monday 11th March 2013. Reports must be submitted to the MSc. Office by 12pm on the submission date. This assignment accounts for 50% of your mark in the Operations Management module. Indicative Marking Guide |Executive Summary | | |The equivalent of an ‘abstract’ in a journal article (i.e. 200-250 words maximum). It should briefly summarise what was done, |5% | |why, how, what was concluded and recommended. | | |Comments: | | |Introduction | | |A detailed
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