Logistics Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy

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ASOS Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy ASOS have become the destination for millions of customers not only due to their famous designer brands but their recommendations as well as content too. The company invests in both digital media as well as traditional media in the aim of reaching out to their target market. Many online stores produce transactions through the e-commerce alone or through their physical store, but being solely an e-business ASOS needs to exploit various advertising tactics in order to differentiate from competing markets (Mackenzie, 2013). ASOS’ sales growth highlights the success of its strategies. View the Runway – ASOS has competitive advantage over some of its competitors. Their special feature offers the ability to "View the Runway” including all of the designs in action on the catwalk. Most competitors only offer the zoom-in feature or the 360-degree vision which cannot be compared to ASOS’ offer. This provides the customers with an exclusive shopping experience. The main notion is that the ambience makes customers feel like they are front row spectators at a fashion show, who are choosing clothes to purchase from the runway. Google Adwords – A key component of the integrated communications strategy is the investment in Google Adwords search. ASOS comes up as one of the leading advertisement spots in certain categories of clothing, due to successfully exploiting the seller ratings component (McGinty, 2014). Seller ratings increase the

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