Logistics : Inventory And Packaging

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Logistics: Inventory and Packaging
Inventory and packaging are a very important in the process of logistics. Inventory is a detailed list, record or report of things in a company possession, especially in the periodic survey of all goods and materials in stock. Packaging can be described as a coordinated system of preparing goods to transport, warehousing, logistics, sale and end use.
Inventory is a very important process and may be one of the most important factor in logistics. It is so important that it is the largest cost for a distribution agency. By saying this there is many reasons why inventory must be kept up with and be must made to be most efficient. In order to keep up inventory many process and steps must be made. Here are …show more content…

With good labeling and descriptions employees will not be confused and will be able to find the item that is needed or if it is out of stock. On these labels you can also put something that can be scanned so it will show up on the software that tracks inventory. Also instead of typing descriptions that can be hundreds of numbers long, and hard to distinguish at a glance, most companies can use items numbers of only five or six characters or numbers in length. It makes it easier to use your inventory software.
• Units of Measure – units of measure, things like LBS, OZ, PCS and etc. give meaning to quantities and belong in their own separate place. While using well created and consistent units of measure it will make stock levels shipping items, and ordering things more efficient and easier to follow.
• A Good Starting Count- In order to get a good staring count distributors must have information about demand, trends and production capacity. When this is taken into account, you must load the data into an inventory program and get your stock levels. Once you have items labeled, scanned and put into inventory it will be easier to track items and see if they are in stock.
• Software that tracks all inventory activity- One very important feature in inventory is software that tracks all your inventory. This will make your operations much faster and easier. It

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