Logistics Management Capstone Project : Case Study

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Mike’s Wrecker Service


Florida Institute of Technology, MGT 5903
Dr. Michael Essary

Danielle Prude, David Benson, Senora Bradford

Mike’s Wrecker Service

Table of Contents
1 Abstract 2
2 Background 2
3 Mike’s Wrecker Service 3
3.1 The Problem Statement 3
4 Data Collection/Methodology 3
4.1 Interview 9
4.2 Industry Technology 11
5 Importance of Risk Analysis 14
5.1 Risk Identification 15
5.2 Impact of Risks 18
5.3 Risk Mitigation 19
6 Proposed Processes 20
6.1 Beacon Towing Software System 19
6.2 Pre-positioned Trucks 25
7 Solution 28 References 29

1 Abstract
Mike Sadle is the owner of Mike’s Wrecker Service in Huntsville, Alabama. Mike has been providing tow services in the Huntsville and the surrounding areas for the past 20 plus years. During that span, Mike has experienced firsthand the growth and evolution of the towing industry. The purpose of this project was to help Mike identify an area in his business where a significant contribution could be made to increase the overall success of the company. The goal was to present Mike’s Wrecker Service with a telematics solution that will not only bring added value to the company but also provide a significant competitive advantage.
2 Background
Using the knowledge we have learned about logistics management and the parameters of the project, Team 4 determined that a wrecker service was the right choice for our project. We…

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