Logistics: Management and Supply Chain

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Minor Logistics Operations Presentatie titel MIRBSLM114OP N.J. Osentoski-Monsma & A. Nielsen-de Vries Lecturers Logistics Room D2.173 osenj@hr.nl / vriad@hr.nl Rotterdam, 00 januari 2007 6-1 Corporate strategy Business strategy Operations Strategy Mission Objectives (cost, quality, flexibility, delivery) Functional strategies in marketing, finance, engineering, human resources, and information systems Strategic Decisions (process, quality system, capacity, and inventory) Distinctive Competence Consistent pattern of decisions Operations Strategy Process (Figure 2.1) 2-2 Course organization Logistics Semester 1 Block 1 Year 1 Block 2 Projects & Junior Enterprise…show more content…
Definitions of Operations Management and Supply Chains Decisions at Pizza U.S.A. Operations Decisions - A Framework with Contingencies Cross-Functional Decision Making Operations as a Process Contemporary Operations Themes 1-25 Chapter 2 Outline         McDonald’s Operations Strategy Operations Strategy Model Emphasis on Operations Objectives Linking Strategies: Strategic Decisions Competitive Advantage Through Operations Global Scope of Operations and Supply Chains Supply Chain Strategy Environmental and Sustainable Operations 2-27 Operations Strategy “A consistent pattern of business decisions for operations and the associated supply chain … … that are linked to the business strategy and other functional strategies, leading to a competitive advantage for the firm.” 2-28 McDonald’s Operations Strategy • Mission: fast product/service, consistent quality, low cost, clean/friendly environment • Operations Objectives: cost, quality, service • Strategic
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