Logistics Plan For A Company Project Executive

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 THE PROBLEM STATEMENT: Provide a complete site logistics plan as the company Project Executive.  FACTS BEARING ON THE PROBLEM: 1. The site is located at 6909 Portwest Drive, Houston, Texas. The Project is comprised of a 20-story office building, core and shell only, with associated parking garage. 2. Contractor will assume all responsibility for maintenance and security of the Project Site at that time. 3. Contractor shall provide a secure site perimeter barricade at least eight feet (8’0”) tall around the entire construction site. The Contractor shall be entirely responsible for the design, engineering, construction and maintenance of the barricade. 4. The Site Logistics Plan needs to address the means for carrying out LEED points:…show more content…
8. Contractor shall provide and maintain the necessary fire protection, fire extinguishers, fire hoses or any other equipment required except that the temporary fire protection standpipe(s) will be provided and maintained by the fire protection Subcontractor. 9. Contractor shall provide any necessary site offices for its staff to facilitate the efficient administration of the Work and include any necessary relocation of its temporary offices and agrees not to interfere with the occupancy of the Project. Contractor shall provide in its site office a space for Architect equipped with a desk, chair, light, and telephone and plan table. 10. Contractor shall construct and maintain all temporary roads, staging areas, temporary protection, loading and unloading areas, storage areas, parking areas, barricades and associated costs and temporary utilities necessary for the complete construction operations of the Project necessary to produce the Work. 11. Contractor shall provide and maintain all necessary dewatering facilities including facilities to handle storm run-off, and shall adequately dewater the site at all times during the course of construction. Contractor shall treat all ground water and storm runoff prior to it being pumped from the site in compliance with all applicable laws, codes, LEED requirements and environmental
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