Logistics Strategy And Components Of Japan And China

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Nowadays, logistics companies are becoming significantly vital in our world and it has a major role within the economy. However, any logistics company should set logistics strategies in order to achieve their goals and there are many logistics and supply chain strategies that companies can make.
Therefore, this report will firstly define the logistics strategy and then explain how the car making components comes into the United Kingdom from Far East particularly Japan and China. Consequently, will demonstrate what modes of transport used in order to bring car making components such as, body parts, steering and chassis parts, interior furnishing and wheels and tyres.
Then, it will determine the best transport modes which is cost effective and time efficient. Eventually, will analyse the advantages and disadvantages of using each modes of transport and illustrate storages and warehouses for these products.

2 Logistics strategy and components from Japan and China.
Generally, logistics strategy has three different goals such as, cost reduction, capital reduction and service improvement. Firstly, the cost reduction is strategy which is minimising the variable costs associated with storage and movement and the great strategy is formulated by estimating different courses of action, such as, choosing between different warehouse locations or selecting between different modes of transport. However, the main goal is still to achieve maximum profit. Secondly, capital reduction…

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