Logistics Strategy

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1. Logistic also plays a role in customer satisfaction

1.1 Overview

2. What is a logistic strategy?

3. Why implement a logistics strategy?

4. What is involved in developing a logistics strategy?

5. What is involved in developing a logistics strategy?

5.1 Strategic

5.2 Structural

5.3 Functional

5.4 Implementation

6. Components to examine when developing a logistics strategy

1. Transportation

6.2 Outsourcing

6.3 Logistics systems

6.4 Competitors

6.5 Information

6.6 Strategy review

7. Strategic logistics planning

8. Risk profiles

9. Strategic logistics planning options

10. The strategic logistic plan

11. Developing
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Some are now also assisting their clients in inventory planning and forecasting. As a result, many services organizations no longer believe that they need to perform these activities themselves in addition to the various manufacturing, sales and marketing, and customer service activities that they are already performing on a day-to-day basis.
However, as more services organizations realize that the increasing costs of inventory management and logistics are likely to impact both their bottom lines and their ability to support customers - especially if they are presently running either an outdated or otherwise inefficient operation to begin with - they may have some strong reservations with respect to outsourcing some of these key activities. The greatest fear among most organizations is that outsourcing will almost immediately result in the lessening of customer service performance, either real or perceived, and therefore, loss of control over an historically critical component of their overall customer service and support equation.
Those organizations that have already moved toward outsourcing suggest that there are still many ways in which to ensure that the organization retains control over these critical areas. It is true that some still believe that there are no outsource vendors that are truly global in terms of their inventory management and logistics capabilities - that
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