Logo Movie Analysis

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Logan: A Stand-Out Superhero Movie
In the past few years, the superhero genre has risen into the movie industry. This year alone, six superhero movies were released. The superhero genre is popular among young adults. While big studios like Marvel and DC are competing for audiences, many overlook Fox studio, which has been making critically acclaimed superhero movies like the X-Men way before the surge of the genre. The competition between studios create an oversaturation making it hard for films like Logan to stand, but it does this and more. Logan not only transcends the superhero genre but also turns the superhero format on its head. Logan incorporates elements found in the drama, road trip, and western genre and emphasizes emotion over action. Set in a post-apocalyptic future, Logon tells the story of a broken down Wolverine in his older years, taking care of Charles. Despite his reluctance to engage in any more conflicts, he is forced to escort Laura, a young girl, to safety. Although Logan may be criticized for its one-dimensional villains and overdone story, director James Mangold, successfully crafted an excellent film that separates itself from the genre through realistic characters and a simplistic plot.
Most of the time, Logan centralizes on its main characters, so it is understandable that other characters are not as fleshed out. The villains came off as uninteresting and forgettable. Boyd Holbrook played Donald Pierce, a generic villain with no reason why he is
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