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Universidade Católica Portuguesa Faculdade de Ciências Económicas Empresariais Corporate Strategy Unilever’s ice cream brand Portfolio Students: Maria Inês Galhardo, nº 150106011 Claudia Filipe, nº 150106026 Ricardo Lloret, nº 150106111 Joana Rodrigues dos Santos, nº 150106123 Diogo Sousa, nº 150106125 In order to draw the BCG matrix, we started by collecting some data. Based on the Datamonitor Market Report 2006 (appendix 1), we were able to calculate the total ice cream’s market value of 2008. We made the choice to do the work for the year 2008 because the present year has not already ended. Thus it was only possible to calculate estimated values for 2008. Market value: (212.8-161)/4 = 12.95 million per year 161 + (12.95*2) =…show more content…
There is small investment in this brand and low revenues, and since it is integrated in the regular ice cream segment its growth is small or even static, thus making it a dog also.  Ben & Jerry’s – This is your offer regarding the Super-Premium market segment, with high quality, high price ice creams with different flavors and colorful presentations. This brand is not yet very well-known and has a low market share because it targets a small market and it is yet in a phase of brand recognition. The company has to spend a lot of money in marketing campaigns to make the brand recognized by everyone and also in the research to find new flavors. According to the case study this market segment is expected to grow up to 6% and all this makes this brand a question mark or a problematic child. One problem for this brand in Portugal is that it is mainly sold in Ben and Jerry’s own stores, which are not many and being a recent brand it is difficult to make people know the locations of the stores. Brand Portfolio Recommendations: According to the BCG matrix your brand portfolio is well balanced, due to you having products in the different quadrants and in different stages of the lifecycle. Magnum, Cornetto and Viennetta are very profitable brands that support the less profitable brands of your company. However, it is not recommended to drop

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