Logotherapy: Man's Search For Meaning

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Viktor Frankl wrote the book Man’s Search for Meaning. The book is about how to cope with suffering, finding significance in it, and moving on from it with a reestablished mindset and motivation.
Viktor Frankl earned both a M.D. and a Ph.D. from the University of Vienna. He has published over 30 books on psychology and has also lectured at Ivy League universities such as Harvard, Stanford and many other institutions.
Frankl’s theory was one that contradicted Sigmund Freud’s. Logotherapy is the belief that the nature of humans is motivated by a search for a life purpose. Frankl was a survivor of the Holocaust, therefore can provide first-hand accounts of the experiences that people had to endure. He wrote the book to show, even at the lowest
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He goes on to describe three different psychological phases that prisoners of the death camps go through. He provides vivid illustrations of the three stages through his personal recollections and through those of the others he knew. Various challenges were displayed through the three stages: after admittance into the camps, life during imprisonment, and the period following liberation. After admittance many prisoners lost all hope, but there were some who held onto small slivers of it. “In psychiatry there is a certain condition known as “delusion of reprieve.” The condemned man, immediately before his execution, gets the illusion that he might be reprieved at the very last minute. We too, clung to shreds of hope and believed to the last moment that it would not be so bad “(Frankl 10). During imprisonment, Frankl shows how he remained hopeful. While telling his accounts, the tone is not one of vengefulness. One of the most touching recollection of his memories were the ones he had about his wife. Those fond memories gave him the will to live. The light that he needed in those dark times were the times he daydreamed and seen his wife. He dreamed of
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