Lois Cooper Scholarship

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From an early age I have developed an aptitude for working on mechanical objects. I enjoyed the typical childhood toys of Lego's, building, disassembling, and exploring ways to create new customized designs and models. Prior to the inception of Lego's in our home, I was searching for whatever items that my parents would let me take apart and rebuild. Later, in my early teenage years I began rebuilding snowmobiles and motorcycles to doing engine swaps on the family car. Whether a vehicle has an unusual sound or handles in abnormal way, these are all things I find gratification in problem solving. Consequently, understanding the principles of how the vehicle functions and performs are the aspects I thrive most on knowing. The Lois Cooper scholarship would be invaluable to me for my…show more content…
As a recipient of the scholarship, the benefits will relieve any anxiety that I may have about transitioning from a homeschool educational atmosphere to a
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