Lois G. Taylor Of The Civil Rights Movement

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When I first met this woman, she instantly changed my life without me even knowing it at the time because of her life experiences, which spoke volumes to me. She did not have much family support didn’t rely on anyone, she was very strong willed, driven, and had a lasting effect on people’s lives when she talked about her story. The woman I am speaking of is Lois G. Taylor. She have traveled all around the world, marched during the civil rights movement, and battled with various health issues most of her last years of living. I took care of this woman during the final stage of her health because of my profession as a nursing assistant and I truly loved her, she was a second grandmother to me, and I was a daughter to her.
Before Ms. Taylor died, she was battling cancer, high blood pressure, and a diabetes which caused her husband’s life to be taken by stress. When I was taking care of her, she had only two children, both girls, and one grandson. I did not get the pleasure to meet her husband because he passed 10 years before had gotten sick. I knew she was depressed about her husband’s death, in which she almost gave up on living, but once I came along, I was able to give her that spark that she needed so desperately to keep living. Her daughters had lives of their own. One was a successful teacher, and the other was an executive manager of a company in North Dakota. The only grandson, who she felt had so many options in life, did not know which academic career path to follow…
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