Lois Lowry 's The Giver

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“Everything a writer experiences as a young person goes into the later writing in some form” (Albert 9). Lois Lowry is a Newbery medal children 's author. She has written numerous novels, but the one that stood out the most would be The Giver. As Lowry began to write The Giver she took her emotions, memories and personal stories to write about this book. She makes the setting of the story in the future where all the people have no memory and no free will. Also, every time something fearful happens in her life, she never lets it get in the way. Instead, fear makes her a stronger person and forces her to get the job done. Lois Lowry has been collecting her memories and life events from the past and uses them to create her stories for The Giver.
Lois Lowry is a novelist who was born in Oahu, Hawaii on March 20, 1937. Lois Lowry grew up in a home with books because of her mother, so Lois was influenced by her family and became interested in reading at an early age. She decided that she wanted to become a writer at age nine. Lois has grown up in several places. To start with, she moved to New York where she began elementary school. Then, when the war started, her father-- a dentist and Army Officer--went overseas while she went back to Pennsylvania. After she finished elementary school she moved to Tokyo to spend time with her father. When she lived in Tokyo she attended Meguro school where most of the students with military families went. After she moved back to the USA.…

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