Lois Lowry 's The Giver

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Lois Lowry has been one of the most influential authors who has ever lived. She has written so many novels that every time we read one of her novels we have a desire on reading more and more on what’s going to happen next. Lois Lowry has been very successful on publishing her novels. Well, what I learned about while I was watching this video was when she wrote “The Giver” I believe the reason she wrote that book was because of her son. When Lois was talking about how she gets influences on writing such marvelous books like “The Giver” or as well like “Gathering Blue” was that she get’s influenced on what she see’s all over the world. Like for instances, Lois Lowry explains “That in order to be greatly influenced on something you must be thinking to yourself what you’re always wondering about”.

2. After I have read “Gathering Blue” and as well “The Giver” I have clearly understand on what Lois Lowry is trying to say. First of all while I was watching this short video about how Lois Lowry explains on why she wrote these books, was because of how she got influenced. After Lois Lowry son died in Iraq and watched her son’s coffin get lowered to the grave with the American flag on top of the coffin. She had no doubt that there’s so much evil in our world that people are always trying to fight it until this evil is gone forever. That is how Lois Lowry got inspire which then she wrote her first book “The Giver” we clearly see how evil is a big factor in this book. Like for…

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