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Lola bara depicts the mercilessness of poverty and weakness. In any case, amidst its pity all, Lola Rosa breaths dauntlessness. In her own history, Lola Rosa, survivor of Japanese war barbarity, drives the perusers to visit her life through the book with her own outlines and unmistakable portrayals of people and events long gone. Her story begins as the young lady of the proprietor's uneducated extraordinary woman, Julia. Rosa's mother, Julia, is the eldest of the children who began her 'working' life as Don Pepe Henson's housemaid, despite her protestations. The showing up generosity of the landowner to help Julia's family was not without manner of thinking.

A man whose words were charge, a man who frequented the near to sanctuary like
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Rosa was gotten and transformed into a comfort woman for nine frightening months.

In telling unpretentious components, Rosa delineates the extreme and harsh treatment of comfort women: "At two, the officers came. My work began, and I set down as one by one the officers struck me. Conventional, some place in the scope of 12 to more than 20 troopers struck me. There were times when there were upwards of 30; they went to the unit in truckloads." The mercilessness towards Rosa and interchange young women was unending especially in times when the officers were not satisfied resulting to ambushing them. "Once there was an officer who was in such a hurry to come, to the point that he released even before he had entered me. He was outstandingly angry and he grabbed my hand and obliged me to pet his genitals. Another trooper was sitting tight for his turn outside the room and started striking against the divider. The man had no genuine alternative but to leave, yet before going out, he hit my chest and pulled my hair."

Regardless, severity and shame were standard occasions in the regiment for comfort women. Not even detainment nor scenes of wilderness fever hosed the spirit of Rosa to survive, more so to help the assurance against the Japanese. Getting Japanese officers needing to devour her town of Pampang to flush out people and supporters of HUKBALAHAP, Rosa took a risk with her life to exhort a passing villager. "I was

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