Lola Rein Kaufman

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There is one thing all hidden children of the holocaust have in common, silence. Lola Rein Kaufman is one of those hidden children. And she is done being silent. Lola Rein was a hidden child during the holocaust. She was one of the lucky ones; one of the 10,000- 500,000 that survived. Her family wasn’t as lucky. Lola endured, los, abandonment, and constant fear, but has now chosen to shed her cloak of silence. There were two types of hidden children: the children that didn’t look like the stereotypical Jew, and were hidden in plain sight, in an orphanage or maybe with a family who pretended the child was an orphaned family member. Then there were the ones that were truly hidden, such as in an abandoned building, a hidden room, or- as Lola…show more content…
When she was 16, Lola met Walter Kaufman, who was also a hidden child during WWII. On Lola’s 18th birthday, they got engaged and were married six months later. Lola then decided to go back to high school and get her diploma. When Lola turned 21 she had her first child, three years later she’s pregnant with her second, and eight years after that Lola had her third and final child. Lola Rein Kaufman is still living and has 3 children and 5 grandchildren whom she spends as much time with as she can “For nearly 50 years I don’t and can’t speak about what has happened to me… I was silent when I was hidden and I stay silent even when I am not” (Rein Kaufman). Because the memories of her childhood were so painful, Lola did not tell anyone what had happened; not her uncle, who raised her after the holocaust, not her husband, and not her children. Lola decided to share her story in May of 1991 when she met Jane Marks, a reporter who was writing a book on hidden children. After Lola is handed the microphone at a United States Holocaust Memorial Museum reception and told, “Go ahead and talk”, she tells her story once again - but this time in public. “My silence, it seems, has been fully broken” (Rein Kaufman). Since that moment, Lola has spoken many times at synagogues and schools. Lola has shown courage and trust by sharing her story, but that wasn’t all she

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