Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov

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The narrator of a story is the person or object who is telling the story from, typically, their point of view. The narrator is normally a character within the story, who provides a further explanation as to what is occurring throughout the piece of literature. It is important to have a reliable narrator to tell the story. An unreliable narrator tends to lead to doubts on whether or not the story is being told exactly how it happened and being told without bias. An unreliable narrator can leave the audience feeling as though the story may have been portrayed, described or told not entirely truthful. The well-known novel Lolita, written by author Vladimir Nabokov, contains an unreliable narrator throughout the entire novel. The story, narrated by protagonist, Humbert, revolves around him and his daughter. Humbert can be seen as unreliable narrator because he is an unstable, manipulative person and shows untrustworthy characteristics making him an unsuitable person to be chosen as narrator. The narrator relays a count of events to an audience from a piece of literature. They are an important part to any narrative piece. Without them, there is no one to explain the novel, thus there is no story. Narrators are often a chosen character from the story, describing and telling the story through their own point of view, although, it depends on what the author wants. When authors choose or assign the role of being the narrator to a character, it is a tricky selection. It is important
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