Lolita 's Tehr A Memoir

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Reading Lolita In Tehran: A Memoir In Books is a novel that chronicles the life of Azar Nafisi, a Professor of English, during her years in the Islamic Republic of Iran. As described in its ' title, the novel is a “Memoir in Books” that chronicles Azar Nafisi’s experiences while teaching during the Iranian Revolution in the Islamic Republic of Iran, and her life there until leaving for America in 1997. Much of the book focuses on Nafisi as a professor at the University of Tehran, and, (after her expulsion from there), the Allameh Tabatabai University. Nafisi begins with a description of a dream she fulfilled in her final years of life in the Islamic Republic of Iran: to hold a private literature workshop with a select group of dedicated students. Over the course of this first section, Nafisi introduces us to the seven students in the group and recreates their discussions about two primary texts: Nabokov’s Invitation to a Beheading and Lolita. In doing so, she makes both implicit and explicit connections between these novels and the lives of these women living in the Islamic Republic of Iran, and by extension, explores the links between literature and reality generally. The young women would meet once a week in secret at Nafisi’s own apartment. The women responded to their readings by discussing world politics, religion, and human rights in the context of their own country’s current state. During their meetings they discussed various books, all the while relating them to

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