Lollies-Personal Narrative

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I knew that things were bad, but I didn’t realise how bad they were. All around us, men were losing their jobs, children were going hungry, and families were losing their homes, but I never thought that it could happen to us. And for a while, I didn’t realise that it had happened. When my husband, Charles, lost his job, he hid it from me for weeks. He felt that he had failed, and he was too ashamed to admit that to me. He prided himself on being able to provide for our family, and suddenly he couldn’t.
With eight children, money had always been tight, but we could always afford to pay rent, electricity and food bills. Our children never had to go without clothes or shoes, and we always managed a shilling or two for them to buy lollies at the end of the week. All of a sudden, we were scraping together every penny to keep the electricity turned on, I was patching clothes in order to make them last as long as possible, and lollies were a thing of the past. The children were going hungry, and my husband and I were going hungrier, giving most of our food to the kids.
At first, the younger kids didn’t understand what was happening, but the older ones soon
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Charles’ jobs, already so few, started to become even rarer. And with the cold months came disease and sickness. The youngest children, only four and six, became seriously ill with pneumonia. Well, with what we thought was pneumonia. We couldn’t be sure, but we couldn’t afford for them to be seen by a doctor. With it becoming harder to provide food, even with the eldest kids looking for work as well, Charles had no choice but to take a relief job and live in a shanty town. This made the financial situation slightly easier, with small but regular pay checks coming in, but he was so far away. We had barely been apart since the day we married, and now he was gone. He sent all of his money back to us, so he couldn’t afford to take any time off or travel back to see
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