Lolo Jones Short Story Analysis

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Sometimes in life, situations may knock you down to a breaking point of giving up. These situations can make you or break you; but whatever you chose the choice is yours. Challenging circumstances can make you feel as if the world is caving in on you. Moreover, you must learn to push through your trials and tribulations and get back up again. Life never said it would be easy, or challenging. You must continue to keep dreaming, and keep that hope alive within your heart, and strive to become a stronger solider for the next mountain that may come against you. In life, we will not always see good days. However, your good days should outweigh your bad days. As long as you have breath in your body, you will always win the battle that’s ahead of you. The story of Lolo Jones exemplifies this breaking point, and the discouragement she experienced to doubt her dreams. Lolo Jones experienced childhood struggles at a very young age. She lived in a shelter, and received government assistance to ensure that she would have a daily meal. Her father was constantly in prison, which caused trust issues; as well as lack of morality. Stealing meals to have food for herself as well as her family became second nature. Jones felt very insecure as a child, being that she lived in many different environments with the lack of any stability. Years later, her father returned from prison to become a family man. However, he did not display the father figure example at all. Her dad would constantly buy

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