London Docklands Essay

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London Docklands

A Case study of:

q Urban redevelopment / Urban regeneration

q Economic decline and regeneration

q In migration into an area and its impact

q An urban planning scheme

Where are the London Docklands?

In the East End of London. Docklands covers an area of 2200 hectares, (21 sq kms) over 5 boroughs, Newham, Tower hamlet, Southwark, Lewisham and Greenwhich. The area covered by the London Docklands Redevelopment Corporation stretches from Wapping and Tower Bridge in the west to The City Airport and Becckton in the east.

Why did the London docklands decline?

1. An increase in the size of the ships meant that the docklands were too narrow and shallow.
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Being designated as an enterprise zone involves

q a 10 year period free of rates

q building grants and loans for site preparation

q grants for buildings and machinery

q planning applications from companies wishing to locate are given top priority

q tax relief given to companies who locate there

What were the London docklands gains and losses for economic, social and environmental developments?




q New jobs created - new skills for young.

q New image of modern, hi tech business centre.

q New transport infrastructure (STOLPORT airport, DLR light railway, Jubilee Line, Limehouse Link road)

q Property values rose quickly.

q New income from tourism

q Skills mismatch for local residents of area

q Poor loose out, because they cannot afford new housing at £200,000 - £500,000

q Local

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