London Is The International Capital Of The World

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It’s safe to say that London is the international capital of the world, nestled perfectly in between the west and the east, it has the ability to have an effect on the entire world culturally, politically, and economically. It is for these reasons that London has emerged recently as the financial center of the world. As regulation and immigration issues have slowed down New York, London has attracted companies and investors that are looking for a save haven in turbulent times, London is seen as an attractive location for foreign investment because it is seen as a very stable and secure city. Perhaps the most attractive product that this international hub provides to foreign investors is real estate. According to Financial Times, prime London housing prices have risen 73 percent from March 2009 to November 2014, this kind of substantial increase in property value is exactly what international inventors are looking for (Norwood). Looking at Forbes study surveying where international investors are putting their money proves this statement, 63% of investors increased their property portfolios in the U.K. with London leading all European cities with 43% followed by Paris with 19% and Frankfurt with 14% (Rapoza). Chief Executive of the Association of Foreign Investors in Real Estate said this about the attractiveness of London, “It’s very easy to invest in London, there are no restrictions, the tax regime is good for foreign investors. And it’s an international city so it attracts
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