London by William Blake and Upon Westminster Bridge by William Wordsworth

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London by William Blake and Upon Westminster Bridge by William Wordsworth This essay aims to compare and contrast the differences and similarities between the two poems 'London' and 'Upon Westminster Bridge'. They both create powerful, contrasting images but are both similar in the use of language and exaggeration. The first poem to be commented upon is 'London' by William Blake, written a couple of decades before the second poem written by William Wordsworth. William Blake negatively describes London and uses the first person narrative to make it seem as if it were him wandering the lonely streets of London. He creates a woeful and miserable impression of the capital city of England. "I…show more content…
This is another exaggeration of the feeling that the miserable people of are wandering around the streets with chains attached to them. These chains are purely imaginary on Blake's part, exaggerating his bitterness and negative opinion of London. In the third stanza, Blake criticizes the Church with the following line: "Every blackening Church appalls" I think he is actually criticizing the Church leaders, saying they are hypocrites for ignoring the problems faced by the people of London. He uses the word 'cry' again which indicates the hardships that people endured. He also mentions the cry of an unhappy soldier and accuses the Palace of purposely ignoring this problem. The soldiers who risk their lives in war to protect their country feel that they have very little or even nothing worthwhile to return home to after the war. I think he could also be referring to the cries of all the people of London and the whole situation, not just the remorse felt by the soldiers. "How the youthful Harlots curse, Blasts the new-born Infants tear" In the last stanza of this poem, Blake refers to the young prostitute and her suffering, because the existence of prostitution suggests the society is immoral. The 'curse' he refers to is probably a sexually transmitted disease that the prostitute could be carrying or spreading. This suggests that the city of London is one
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