Lone Star: An Independent Film by John Sayless

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This reaction paper is based on a film by the name of “Lone Star.” The Director of this film is an independent director by the name of John Sayless. Lone Star is a contemporary film that was created in 1996. This film is a Western based film that. But it is set in the present day was created on the U.S./Mexico border. It describes a sheriff that is trying to get revenge of his father’s Buddy Dee death. In doing so he sorts out to solve a crime. The crime has to do with him and his father, Buddy Dee. The film also details the sheriff's love life and his relations to his high school history teacher. The teachers mother a restaurant owner was one of many people to jump the US border. Towards the end of the movie the Sheriff finds out the love of his life is not only his true love but his sister. He finds out that his father and the teacher’s mother had an affair in which the teacher was conceived. It was ironic because the sheriff had method to the teacher while having sex with her that it felt weird later to find out that they were brother and sister. The sheriff had to deal with a crooked cop by the name of Charley Wade. This cop was a murdered cop. He shot and killed a Mexican while attempting to cross the Mexico border into the United States. He was also making bribing people for payouts to avoid him taking them to jail. He was eventually murdered by Buddy Dees for attempting to kill Ottise who was a bartender. The bartender son is Colonel in the army. He has a son never

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