Loneliness And Symptoms Of Loneliness

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Loneliness causes Illness At times have you heard single toddlers talking to themselves? Or a homeless talking to themselves? Or elderly speaking to themselves? Have you questioned whether being lonely can cause you to become ill? Psychology, the study of the human mind and why it functions a certain way, has led to a recent new discovery (Google). Loneliness is a controversial subject nowadays, especially since it is associated with depression and early death. Loneliness dates back to history when humanity relied on one another to survive the hot scorching days in the deserts or in the frigid cold. On top of loneliness making you feel unhappy, it also makes the human body feel mentally and physically unsafe due to the feeling of loneliness (Gammon). Some believe that it can cause an early death, while others believe it is more of a psychological issue that needs to be dealt with. Despite the existing controversy, new research demonstrates that there is a biological link between feeling the sensation of loneliness and illness (Gammon). The discovery that loneliness can actually cause you to become ill has to do with the sensation of being alone, rather than the physical isolation itself. On February 16, 2014, The University of Chicago published an article announcing that loneliness can cause sickness at an elderly age. They performed an experiment in which they tested if loneliness could cause you to become ill. The psychologist John Cacioppo found that when you are
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