Loneliness, Isolation, And Alienation

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Alienation in Frankenstein Loneliness, isolation, and alienation are three simple words that can lead to an outburst of emotions and feelings. Mary Shelly’s novel revolves around a motivated science student named Victor Frankenstein, who accomplishes a miracle beyond his imagination. He creates a living being, and while doing so he becomes so dedicated to creating the creation that he withdraws himself from society. After bringing the being to life, the creation turns out to be an awful looking monster whose appearance shocks and disgusts everyone he meet’s. After being alienated by humans and uncared for by his creator Victor, the monster vows revenge on Victor by making him feel the same isolation that he felt by murdering his loved one’s. In the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, although Victor isolates himself from others it is an individual choice that he makes, the monster on the other hand has no one to connect with, thus he suffers more alienation. Victor’s isolation was self-inflicted, whereas the monster, had no other choice but to be isolated by society due to his appearance. In addition to this, the monster suffered more isolation compared to Victor as Victor would occasionally be contacted by loved one’s while the monster had no one. Finally, both of the characters undergone isolation which had an overall effect on there lives. Victor Frankenstein isolated himself intentionally while the monster had no other choice but to be isolated from society due to his
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