Loneliness and Acceptance Essay

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I feel uncomfortable in my own world. Being alone unnerves me. I always have felt the need to share my world, my mind and my feelings with somebody. My feelings about myself seem less important than what others think of me. I'm scared of being lonely. And so are we all. We all seem to be on a continuous search for someone who will really love and understand us. Someone to provide us with a purpose for life. And yet I think we are all essentially alone. We are alone in our thoughts an emotions.

The first time I really felt alone was when I was leaving Kentucky. We were at the airport saying our last good-byes. I was leaving everything and everyone that I loved, understood, cared for, to come and study in the Bay area. I was leaving
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That maybe all of us are quintessentially isolated from each other.

Watching my friend and her boyfriend fight the other day reminded me of the same thing. She wanted to know where he had spent the last couple of nights. He repeatedly kept saying, "At the fraternity house, doll." After a while he got really angry and just left.. She cried on my shoulder for the next half hour. What she wanted to ask him really was whether or not he had been cheating on her, the way all his brothers at the fraternity house did. Whether he had the night in the fraternity house alone or with another girl. Yet he was probably thinking that she was being unduly suspicious and annoying. They were both on their own little island of emotions, wanting the other to feel and understand exactly what they were feeling. And neither of them could be in the other persons skin. They wanted to connect with each others feeling and emotions, but they just couldn't. And that left them angry with each other and themselves.

We are all on a quest to connect with one another but most of the time we are unsuccessful. We may connect to one another upto a certain degree but the level that we want to be loved and understood can never be achieved. The desire to interlock our minds and our emotions can never be realized.

I think we humans are far too dependent on each other. In our quest to be loved and wanted and appreciated we make
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