Loneliness in Cannery Row, by John Steinbeck

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As night falls on Cannery Row actuality and fear overwhelms the souls as they lay awake at night. At this very moment they are alone to think to ponder their existence their importance their meaning. During the day the things the people of Cannery Row use to fill their void. To give them happiness is gone and for those long hours of the night they are truly alone. The cats, the parties, and companions are gone just for a second. But they return in the morning to calm the weary and the broken spirits of the people in Cannery Row. Each of us just like the people in Cannery Row uses something or someone to compensate for the loneliness in our lives. Money, relationships, and personal struggles are evident and bring about loneliness to…show more content…
Although Frankie has never had much love he knows what it means and he finds it in Doc. With Doc he is not alone. Doc is his protection, his comforter. He is also a father figure who he looks up to. Undoubtedly Doc and Frankie share something and it is there intellectual capacities. Their intellect predisposes them to a certain form of loneliness. It is of course on the opposite spectrum. Doc is highly and unusually intelligent while Frankie is on the slow side. They find it hard to fit in with the people of Cannery Row because they cannot find a place where they fit in intellectually. We can all think back to the smart kid or who we would refer to as the “nerd” in high school. They were the kids who always sat alone at lunch who did not go to dances or social events. Never got asked to prom and had very little friends. If you are too smart you are a nerd and if you are too slow you are dim-witted. Therefore is safe to say intelligence plays a huge role in loneliness. Doc chooses to be to put all his time and effort into his work which brings him true happiness. Without Western Biological doc would feel alone and isolated. Western Biological fills the void in his life. Although Doc has not reached self-actualization all his basic needs have been met. He is satisfied with where he is. No doubt Cannery Row is known for its parties. Yes this can be looked upon negatively. Cannery row is filled with hoboes,
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