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Natnael Tebeje
Robley Welliver
ENG 121- 313
15 October, 2015
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Lonely Mother
Motherhood is lonesome. According to many women, being a mother is so demanding that a mother hardly finds time to visit friends or even family members. Daisy Mckinney is a thirty-one-year-old resident of Aurora in Arapahoe County, Colorado. I have known Daisy for about three years now since we both live in the same neighborhood, but we rarely meet. When we do, she always grumbled of being lonely and busy. Her husband has just been transferred to another state, and this has exacerbated her situation. I decided to pay her a visit to understand her predicaments because she seemed to be withdrawn and desperate for something. Despite having a decent job, …show more content…

She has to take care of everything at home because she does not have a house-help. She dreads that she might suffer from depression, but she does not sound like she was depressed at all. Sometimes she gets frustrated and angry, but knowing that she has somebody to look after, she endeavors to move on, hoping that things will change in the future. Even when loneliness creeps up her heart and make her feel sorry wishing that something different would happen to transform her current situation, Daisy always look forward for the time that her husband would rejoin them and live as a complete family. She longs for the time that she would be seeing her husband every day, in addition to visiting her siblings whenever she has time.
Consequently, Daisy conceded that sometimes she envy single women because they are always free to do whatever pleases them. They can call anyone in case they feel lonely, can drop by McDonalds and buy supper rather than cook in the house. Single women, she claimed, can leave the house anytime for a night-out as long as it is safe. They can also go for holidays without caring about children, and can find time to sneak to their neighbors for a chat. This is almost impossible for a married woman, who has to seek permission from her husband, besides hiring somebody to take care of the

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