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LONESTAR - CASE ANALYSIS THE SHORT CYCLE PROCESS Who? Julia Martinez is a secretary that is been harassed by Ron French who happens to be her boss. However, Jack Decoste is the Manager that finds out about the situation. He is the decision maker. His responsibility as a manager is to help Julia with her situation What? Julia Martinez is not comfortable working with her boss. Her boss is making graphic comments and touching her when nobody is around. He is basically harassing her. However, it is her word against his because nobody has witnessed the incidents. This issue is of high significance for the organization. The company could be held responsible for what happens in the workplace. Why? Jack Decoste is involved in the situation…show more content…
Ron will continue to harass Julia and/or other employees. Later on the company could be held responsible for not taking action. Transfer Julia to another department Julia will escape from her actual hostile work environment. Ron will continue to harass Julia and/or other employees. In addition, Julia could loose her job because there might be layoffs in her new department. Report the issue to the company's HR Department Issues could be resolved internally by handling a throughout investigation with discretion. In addition, Ron could be given a written warning and counseling and Julia could also be sent to counseling and maybe be transferred. The internal investigation seems to be difficult because no one has witnessed the sexual harassment. The company may not have the resources or expertise to resolve the issue. Therefore, an internal investigation may not be effective to provide prove of sexual harassment. Report the issue to the Equal Employment Office to begin an investigation The Equal Employment Office has the tools and expertise to handle the situation. The issue will be treated according to employment laws. The external investigation will be difficult since there is actually no prove of the harassment. An external investigation

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