Long Before We Are Very Smart Beings Essay

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Long before we are born, we are very smart beings. We are born with built-in needs and these needs help with us developing to the best of our ability. The source that I chose talked about how we are technically born 18 months early. If we were to compare ourselves to other animals around us. It is important to avoid having a stressed baby and at this point in time in their lives they do not know the concept of controlling when they cry. A good way to avoid the crying would be to keep them in a comfortable safe environment that is stress free. The most successful way to avoid stress to your baby is to meet all of their needs. You should learn your child’s signals and have skin to skin contact with your child on a regular basis. It is best to fulfill your child’s needs, before they begin to cry, by doing this they should have a better personality. Constantly touching your child and help them with their self-regulation. This can be done by physical touch. Your child should not be taught to sleep alone, instead co-sleep. Do not let your child cry it out, because they will give up on you and think you will never come and take care of them. Once your child is around the age of 3, then they can try to sleep by themselves. It is best though for your kid to make this decision. Your child grows best in your arms. For your child’s first three years of their lives, you need to be home with them. If you do not want to be with that baby all the time, then maybe you should not have one.
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