Long-Distance Races throughout Time

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Long distances races have been part of cultures and traditions since centuries and have also been used for economic and travelling purposes. It was also used as a message service, when messengers ran to cover long distances in order to convey messages from one place to another. Since the end of 19th century it has been used and recognized also as a sport, when it was first incorporated in the 1896 Olympics. Long distance races start from 5 to 10 kilometers and are usually longer than 40 kilometers in length, projected to test and increase the physical endurance of the people. It is also physically healthy and increases the stamina of the people that can be useful in other fields and activities of life like participation in armed forces and activities like exercising, aerobics and yoga (Kim, et al.). There is an art behind the ability to run long distance races. Some characteristics that are essential are natural and God gifted such as length of the legs and stamina to some extent (Roecker, et al.). Other abilities can be trained and developed to enhance the skill of running long distances and competing in marathons competitions worldwide. People who master the tactics and techniques to run long distances enjoy throughout the course of running and can have a wonderful refreshing experience (Schrauwen, et al.). The first step to convert the experience from hectic to pleasant is to run at a slower speed, which is comfortable and can be endured by the runner for longer period
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