Long Distance Relationship

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long distance relationship. However he dated other women while living in Utah. Bundy tried again to go to the University of Utah law school but he found the courses to hard and the other students did not seem to have a problem. Bundy was disappointed with this turn of events. Than a string of murders started to happen in Utah. In September, Bundy raped and killed a hick hiker who was never identified or found but Bundy had pictures of her dismembered body at his apartment. In October Bundy killed his second victim in the Utah area. Nancy Wilcox (16 year old). Her body as well has never been found but Bundy claimed it was a accident that he did not mean to strangle her. Bundy had just planned on raping her but he got carried away. October18th Melissa Smith (17 Years old) disappeared her naked body was found nine days later. October 31st Laura Ann Aime (17 year old) her naked body was found almost a month later. Both women were beaten, rapes, sodomized and strangled with nylon stockings. He started to clean up the victims after they were dead. Bundy tried to capture his next victim but Carol DaRonch escaped (Bundy was posing as a police officer). Later that same day Bundy abducted Debra Kent. After hearing about all the women disappearing around Salt Lake City Elizabeth Kloefer called the King county Police department a second time. She informed the police about her suspicions. The police added Bundy to their suspect list but there was no evidence to tie him to the…
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