Long Distance Relationships

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Long Distance Relationships – Modern Media
August 18, 2010
Christopher Benedetti Abstract
Long distance relationships are no longer a thing of the past. Modern technology has made it viable for partners to stay constantly in touch during a 24-hour period. A review of five peer-reviewed journals provides a variety of perspectives of long distance relationships. The articles focus on the positive and negative aspects of Long Distance Relationships. Weaknesses, strengths and differences in long distance relationships versus geographically close relationships are evident. The articles represent studies that have been conducted and provide the pros and cons, and the different affects they have in relationships. Long
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Technology was relied upon to maintain relationships in times of conflict. Technology is a growing form of communication and has become more available and less expensive. Based on the research on long-distance romantic relationships the participants’ criteria were to be between the ages of 18-21, needed to be heterosexual and have currently or have been in a long-distance relationship.
Generally, the focus groups believed that to keep communication there must be a form of relationship maintenance, such as: telephone calls, Instant Messaging (IM), and e-mails. The results found that conflicts arose, and therefore, telephone calls were preferred for better personal expression. Last, when asked about webcam/video conferencing, people no longer in long distance relationships thought it would help them stay together. However, the rest didn’t agree and thought it would be too emotionally challenging.
Would You Do It Again? Mietzner, S. Many romantic relationships will face a time when they will separate by distance. This not only affects the people but also the relationship too. People in long distance relationships (LDRs) have reported both positive and negative aspects. Negative outcomes of LDRs would include little to no “face-to-face interactions,” missed daily conversations, or a lack of physical intimacy, among other things. The potential positive outcomes are individualism, gained appreciation for their
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