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“Truth and the Historian” Main argument This is both an introduction to the book and an essay about the causes of World War I, as seen by other historical writers and Lafore himself. He states that “World War I has become a fashion and a fad,” and, while there is nothing wrong with the topic being widely discussed, historians should be careful in using research and analyzing historical topics. The introduction outlines the sources of the conflict that later was known as the Great War. All of the events: hostilities between the great powers, competition for the sea, and expansionism: were what has led to that conflict. But Lafore also argues that no cause can be singled out as the most important, because they all contributed to the…show more content…
1815 Treaty helped governments realize that additional laws to the international law should be added concerned about actions that could possibly threaten the peace and security of Europe Relationships of events to causes of WWI II. A. Most of the European countries were considered states as they were unified in language, culture, sense of nationalism etc. B. Sovereignty could lead to abuses and wars among nations as the independence left a nation uncontrollable and possible to act in any way wanted. C. The international law created to ensure that there were no abuses of sovereignty turned out to have several drawbacks D. The establishment of Great Powers as guardians of the European peace increased hostility and jealousy among nations as some of the non-Great Power nations felt hurt by their exclusion of this prestigious title. 1. However, he also mentions that this was not true for all of the countries and that these differences in single states were to be a great cause of arising disputes. 2. Armies, for example, could be strengthened not only as a sign of attempt to be better protected, but also as a sign of getting ready for a war. 3. Even though the nations recognized and accepted its rules, some of them still did not find it important to act with these laws and broke them severely. 4. Placing the power of maintaining peace in hands of just few countries opened a way for

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