Long Harbor Research Paper

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The smell of the ocean flowing in gently on the breeze as the sunlight dances on the waves in a dazzling display of radiance, while the warm sand is imprinted with the footprints of countless of local residents and visiting guests alike. The historical Queen Mary docked peacefully in retirement, a living testament to the brilliantine and beauty of human ingenuity. The wonder and curiosity in the eyes of children as they bear witness to the majestic underwater life at the Aquarium of the Pacific. There are thousands of locals and even more guests that come to enjoy the festivals, music, delicious dining, and breathtaking views. This is the city of Long Beach, California, or more specially, welcome to The Rainbow Harbor! Rainbow Harbor is located between Shoreline Village and the Aquarium of the Pacific in the heart of downtown Long Beach. An area for both business and pleasure, it serves for recreational boaters and commercial operators, in addition, the harbor area features twelve, 150 foot docks. The ports are home to an array of waterfront attractions that would excite many water sports enthusiasts and casual whale watchers alike. On land the harbor is steps away from shopping, dining and entertainment located at…show more content…
About three years later the real estate boomed as the competition of the new Santa Fe Railroad and Pacific railroad attracted hordes of visitor the Long Beach. The residents renamed the town to Long Beach in 1888 for the long, wide beached that were incorporated in to the city. The early 1900s to mid-century was an exhilarating time as rapid developments impacted the city and cause it to become one of the fastest growing city in the United States. Nineteen-eleven saw the establishment of the Port of Long Beach and the city experience a million-dollar monthly building boom ten years later when oil was discovered in Signal
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