Long Island Business Case Study

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If you have a sum of money lying around, it would be wise to preemptively invest in businesses which support retirees and the elderly in general. In the next decade or so, baby boomers, defined as those born between the years of 1946 and 1964, will be reaching the point of retirement. Many will find themselves in pursuit of having no real pursuit. Hopefully, those who once dominated the workforce will discover what outside of their pursued occupation makes them tick: whether it be swinging a golf club or swing dancing at their local YMCA. Currently, the baby boomers have reached the pinnacle of their careers. Middle-aged men and women have attained their highest earning potential, and are reaping the benefits of the countless years of dedication to their…show more content…
An outstanding opportunity lies in the ability of Long Island businesses, many of which employ hundreds or thousands of workers, to garner influence from the heterogeneous population. Diversity on Long Island manifests itself in a myriad of different ways, whether it be ethnically, religiously or racially. These differences amongst the population, are chief to ushering into local businesses a profuse number of cultural perspectives which in turn better the business. As a prospective business student, it is discernible to me the positive impact of incorporating dissimilar perspectives in a workplace. It is clear that the benefits to diversity are innumerable. Businesses that encourage diversity have the opportunity to expand and connect with previously unreached demographics. A representative workforce results in comprehensive insight regarding the distinctive experiences and lifestyles of different cultural groups. At the crux of a successful business is the ability to be adaptable and responsive to the ever-changing
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