Long Island Jewish Medical Center Merged With Northshore Healthcare System

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In 1997, Long Island Jewish Medical Center merged with Northshore healthcare system to form New York State’s largest private healthcare network. In 2016, North Shore-LIJ hospital rebranded to become “The Northwest Health.” Presently, it is the 14th largest not-for-profit healthcare system in the United States. It incorporates 21 hospitals, 3 skilled nursing facilities, more than 6,400 hospital and long-term care beds, and over 450 patient facilities throughout Queens, Long Island, Staten Island, Manhattan, and Westchester. It employs an integrated workforce of approximately 61 thousand employees which include more than 13, 300 nurses, 2,750 employed physicians, 10,300 affiliated physicians and many thousands of specialists. As one of the largest healthcare system, Northwell health serves the most culturally diverse group of about 8 million people throughout the New York metropolitan areas. (Northwell Health, 2016).
The governance of the Northwell health system is carried out by members of Northwell’s CEO, Vice-presidents, Corporate board of directors, Chairpersons and heads of departments and its shareholders. Implementing the pyramid shape structure of administrative management, at the summit, leading its health system is the President and Chief executive officer of Michael J. Dowling. Dowling has proven himself to be an exceptionally outstanding charismatic organizational leaders throughout his 14years at Northwell Health. He is responsible for…
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