Long John Silver In Treasure Planet

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Long John Silver

In the book “Treasure Planet” by Robert Louis Stevenson, a character that changed quite a bit was Long John Silver. Throughout the entire book, he seems to go from good guy, to bad guy, then back to good guy. Even though his actions could be seen as a change of heart, Silver is actually just motivated by his own inner need to survive. He appears to take the side that will give him the best ending and acts accordingly.

At first, we see Silver as a very happy and trustworthy character. Even though Jim was specifically warned to beware “a seafaring man with one leg,” he still chose to trust this man. (pg 5) Although, Jim really can’t be blamed for that since Silver did appear very jolly and good when he first appeared. He
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He’s very aggressive and short-tempered with the crew and treats them very callously. (pg 213-216) When the crew has had enough of it and leaves to discuss his fate, Silver actually appeals to Jim for help and reveals that he wishes to switch sides. He admits his peril and recognizes that Jim will be the only one that could help. (pg 217-218) A little while later, after Silver manages to smooth talk the crew into complacency, he seems to become the ruthless pirate again. This is when the gold is almost at hand, and his greed appears to overwhelm him. (pg 248) When it’s discovered that the gold is gone, he changes yet again. He’s back on Jim’s side and helps him escape the now turned pirates. (pg 250-252) And then at the end, when they make port in Spanish America, Silver steals some of the treasure they uncovered and runs away, therefore escaping any sort of punishment he’d otherwise receive from the government. (pg 262) Long John Silver was definitely a character that changed quite a…show more content…
In the beginning, he’s a ruthless pirate and that would give him the best ending, because it makes him rich. It’s dangerous but if his original plan had worked it would have been relatively easy. When he realizes that his pirate crew is about to turn on him, he turns to Jim for survival since it serves his need the best. When the immediate threat is over, and he’s close to the gold, he turns to the pirates again since the money will give him the best outcome. Since there was no treasure, and the pirate crew mutinied, Silver yet again went over to Jim’s side for survival. It worked, and everything was okay until they got to Spanish America. Silver realized that if he stayed, he’d most likely be hung so stole some treasure and
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