Long Screen Time Research Paper

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How long do you spend on technology daily? According to Madlen Davies, a researcher for Daily Mail, “The average American spends 8 hours and 41 minutes on a screen per day, which is 20 minutes longer than the average person sleeps.” This overuse of screens causes health problems, and therefore people should limit their time on screens. Prolonged screen time can ruin your eyes causing myopia, strain on your muscles and bones. Terrible though these issues are, they are simple to prevent.
One type of issue is vision strain. According to a study by the Archives of Ophthalmology in 2010, “The prevalence of nearsightedness among Americans has increased from 25 percent to 41.6 percent over the past 30 years.” According to the research firm, Childwise,“Children
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There are improved chairs and keyboards that support the spine and wrists. Also, you can just keep your feet on the ground, the computer under eye level, and forearms level with the computer. Along with improving their posture, people should spend two hours or less on computers and make sure to take breaks. For when to take breaks, follow the rule of 20’s. Take a break for twenty seconds every twenty minutes, and look at something twenty feet away to save your eyes. Many people claim that technology enhances students learning and teacher’s ability to educate. I agree that computers benefit student’s learning, but I also believe that the drawbacks outweigh the benefits. While students are able to write faster and understand concepts in a new way, they are risking their health when they use it too much. I am not saying that schools and communities should outlaw use of screens, I just think that people should make sure to not overuse it and ruin their health.
While I understand that advancing technology is important for education, I urge you to cut back on the time that you spend on screens. They can have long term health effects on your body. If you don’t want to live a life with myopia, straining eyes, and arm and spine injuries, limit your time on electronics. I would like to leave you with this quote by Kristin Magaldi, a reporter for Medical Daily,” If we don’t change our ways, nearly 5 billion people will be nearsighted by
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