Long Tail Theory & Niche Tourism

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LONG TAIL TOURISM: NEW GEOGRAPHIES FOR MARKETING NICHE TOURISM PRODUCTS Alan A. Lew ABSTRACT. The Long Tail concept refers to the Internet-based economy that has enabled company success through a focus on highly specialized services and products that are not in high volume demand, but maybe in high-value demand. The concept of the post-tourist, for example, is a Long Tail phenomenon. Long Tail marketing approaches are proving success due to advances in communication technology and social networking that have given more people access to a broader range of goods and services and information. The Long Tail is not without its challenges, including increased global competition, and it has not abandoned geographic considerations. Geography,…show more content…
The books section of Amazon.com rates each book based on how many copies have been sold. More than 30% of Amazon book sales are for those that are below its 130,000 top sellers (Anderson, 2004; "Profiting from Obscurity," 2005). Amazon leverages the Long Tail by providing access to warehouses that contain a much larger selection of books that are not available at any single brick and mortar bookstore. In 2004, eBay.com had close to 105 million registered users worldwide who posted almost one billion items for sale, resulting in over US$32 billion in total sales ("EBay Profit," 2004). They accomplished this by enabling its users, including both individuals and small companies, to sell a myriad of products within the infrastructure provided by the eBay website. Many of the items posted for sale on eBay are not immediately sold and are not even bid upon because their demand is so low. However, there is a demand. These low amplitude products comprise the Long Tail, and eBay may be the most successful Long Tail aggregator yet. At the same time, however, the near monopoly position of eBay.com itself, among online auction websites, points to some of the challenges of marketing in the Long Tail. THE LONG TAIL MARKET APPROACH The Long Tail market has huge potential. However, it is highly distributed and highly individualized. The lesson ofthe Long Tail is that low demand or low sales volume Alan

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