Long Term Acute Care Hospital

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Long Term Acute Care Hospital With today’s technology and the specialized skills of doctors, nurses, and therapists, patients who need long term care of acute problems can obtain these services at institutions known as postacute care providers. One type of facility that falls under this title is the Long Term Acute Care Hospital (LTACH) (Munoz-Price, 2009, p. 438). This paper will discuss services provided by LTACHs, the role of the Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) in these facilities, and Medicare reimbursement effected by patient satisfaction surveys. For patients requiring longer acute care than what is generally given at an inpatient acute care hospital, The Long Term Acute Care Hospital is an option. To be admitted to an LTACH, patients…show more content…
Horton, personal communication, March 7, 2014). According to L. Horton, LTACHs are funded by commercial insurance, Medicare, and charity (personal communication, March 7, 2014). For claims reimbursed by Medicare, patient satisfaction survey’s or Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems/HCAHPS help determine the hospital’s reimbursement scores. Value Based Purchasing (VBP) was established by the Affordable Care Act, which implements a pay-for-performance approach to the Medicare payment system (“Linking Quality to Payment,” n.d.). This program can help hospitals evaluate the performance of the services they provide to the public. Part of the VBP plan includes a questionnaire to patients that determines 30% of the weight of the hospital’s reimbursement scores. There are eight measures included in the HCAPS: nursing communication, doctor communication, responsiveness of staff, pain management, communication of medications, discharge information, cleanliness and quietness of hospital environment, and overall rating (Grellner, 2012, p.57). L. Horton feels that LTACHs will be financially hit harder by the Affordable Care Act than regular hospitals, potentially losing ½ - 2 million in profits the first year. Although this sounds like a substantial loss, he does not feel that this will impact the jobs of those working there, but
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