Long Term And Chronic Homelessness

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Housing First is a program that presents continual solutions to long-term homelessness. The program 's goal is to produce sufficient permanent supportive housing to end long-term and chronic homelessness. The primary objective is to help families and individuals secure a permanent resident so they can take advantage of social services to support their new life. The need for programs like Housing First is due to the rise in poverty and the growing shortage of affordable housing for the homeless. How effective are Housing First programs? To review the specifics of this program effectiveness, I researched two sources to help me determine the effectiveness of Housing First program with its solutions to long-term and chronic homelessness. I researched Danielle Groton, Florida State University College of Social Work: Are Housing First Programs Effective?, and Rhode Island’s Housing First Program Evaluation supported by United Way of Rhode Island. According to Danielle Groton, (2013) after conducting a brief research study comparing the effectiveness of various Housing First programs compared to Continuum of Care programs for housing retention based on substance use, and mental health. The chronically homeless individuals or homeless persons with mental illness all reported results favoring Housing First programs over Continuum of Care programs. According to Groton, (2013) Pearson, Montongomery and Locke (2009) looked at housing stability among homeless individuals…

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