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Can you recall finding out someone you know spends a lot of hours, engaging in a hobby such as shooting; and thinking, “is that necessary?”. Estimating, I’ve spent 350 hours behind a firearm, starting back at 8 years old. In retrospect, I have an idea why I continue to rack up hours of firing. Whether I am alone or with friends, the reasons remain identical. While everybody visits the range for a variety of reasons, there are a few that stand out to me on a different level. The first time I shot a firearm, my uncle had taken me on a trip past the outskirts of town and before being able to question the reasoning for this location. He was briefing me on proper safety etiquette; and shortly thereafter, I was taking my first shots toward an old washing machine. I reflect on that feeling of pure happiness, intertwined with astonishment while emptying that initial magazine and seeing the holes I had created. I’ll never forget the feeling of power the firearm had forced upon me while simultaneously demanding respect and awareness for the weapon. Showing…show more content…
First, the long-term benefits I have personally experienced, is an increase of confidence in myself; by practicing and honing in my skills. Knowing with conviction if I pull the trigger while hunting or in self-defense, that the shot will connect as planned with unrelenting accuracy. Furthermore, in regard to short-term benefits, I consider it very peaceful and relaxing; while isolated in the mountains. Thus, stripping any burden away in order to focus on hitting the target; while sending multiple rounds accurately at ever increasing distances. In comparison, the perks of either, enjoying tranquility and lobbing off shots in the woods is a clear difference, from improving technique while slinging lead at the range. In conclusion, regardless the difficult choice each excursion leaves me feeling in sync and
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