Long Term Care Facility

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Johnniece Harris
Long Term Care Facility
Joint Commission Accreditation

Long term care facilities use Joint Commission Accreditation as a benefit to show the quality and commitment to the health care organization. A long term care facility that is Joint Commission accredited will have a more appealing look to reimbursement centers and to the patient and families that they care for. Having this accreditation is also a risk management tool. The likelihood of a bad outcome is reduced if a facility is accredited by the Joint Commission. There is a team put together to come up with accreditation standards and to make sure facilities stay compliant with these standards. Performance is evaluated to ensure standards are followed.
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(Facts about Long Term Care Accreditation pg.1) Facilities are surveyed every three years to make sure that standards are being followed. Facilities can lose accreditation if they fail to meet standards. Standards are to put into play to prevent risk and educated. There are two types of accreditation that a facility can choose from. There is Traditional Long Term Care Accreditation. There is also Medicare/Medicaid certification-based accreditation. A facility can choose from either of the two options. There are also fees that facilities need to consider when looking to be accredited by the Joint Commission. The on-site fee for a nursing home choosing traditional accreditation with an average daily census of 100-119 is $3,215 and the annual fee is $2,170. A nursing home of the same size electing the Medicare/Medicaid accreditation option would pay an on-site fee of $2,275 and an annual fee of $1,285. (Facts about Long Term Care Accreditation pg. 2) In conclusion, it can be very beneficial for a long term care facility to be Joint Commission accredited. Having this accreditation is a sense of assurance to patients/residents, the families, and to the facility itself. Quality and safety is a key factor in the structure of business for
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