Long Term Care-Hospice

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Long Term Care -Hospice Hospice is a process to end-of-life care and a kind of support facility for terminally ill patients. It provides comforting care, patient-centered care and related services. Comforting care relieves discomfort without improving the patient’s condition or curing his illness. Hospice is extended in a healthcare facility or at home. Its objective is to provide compassionate, emotional, and spiritual care for the dying patient. The origin of the word “hospice” in medieval times meant “way station for weary travelers” (Perry). The first hospices were run by members of religious orders in the medieval times that cared for weary travelers whom found refuge with them until their death. Modern hospices are…show more content…
A survey was conducted in 2000 on more than 9,000 patients discharged from more than 2,000 hospices on the services they received (Carlson, 2007). It revealed that 22% of them received five major palliative care services, which varied among the hospices. These palliative care services were nursing care, physician care, medication management, psychological care, and caregiver support. Approximately 14% of the hospices provided all five services and 33% provided only one or two services. Only 59% of these patients received medication management services. These included administering medication, dispensing correct dosages, and setting and following dosage schedule. Growth Projections The National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization reported that, as of 2003, there were 3,139 hospice programs in operation in the United States, Guam and Puerto Rico (Wexler & Frey, 2004). The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention National Center for Health Statistics said that, in 2000, there were 11,400 combined home health and hospice care agencies, which served 1.5 million patients. It also reported that, at present, more than 90% of hospice care is delivered at home, although based in medical facilities. Hospital-based programs often provide hospice care in a wing or a
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