Long Term Care Nurses ( Ltc ) And Nurse Practitioners

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In modern day healthcare, there are many interesting job professions. Some are intense and requires an extensive amount of work, while others are less demanding. The two health professions that I will be focusing on in this essay, are Long Term Care Nurses (LTC) and Nurse Practitioners (NP). I’ve interviewed two healthcare providers one of each title, and the information that I have been given, I must say is quite interesting. Let’s begin with nurse practitioners. What is a nurse practitioner? “Nurse practitioner’s (NPs) are advanced practice registered nurses who provide care to patients throughout the lifespan, from premature newborns to the elderly” (Nurse Practitioner, “2015). What is the basic job description of an NP? “They perform comprehensive and focused physical examinations; diagnose and treat common acute illnesses and injuries; provide immunizations; manage high blood pressure, diabetes and depression” (Nurse Practitioner, “2015). Upon interviewing Ms. Seal, a nurse practitioner at the Community Healthcare Center (CHC), she has kindly provided me with some detailed information on her description and duties, in addition to some vital information on the facility in which she holds employment. Ms. Seal (NP), has been part of the healthcare industry for a total of 8 years. Interestingly, she has been employed at the Community Healthcare Center (CHC) for the total number of years she has been a part of the health care industry. Her basic
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