Long Term Care vs Home Health Care

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Long Term Care Facility vs. Home Health Care Nursing Karen Waite Eng/102 July, 2014 Will mom or loved one receive better care at home or in a nursing home? This is a hard choice to make, but which is the best? In this paper, it examines the efficiency of home care programs, assisted living and long-term care programs. It examines the care and cost of the different programs with respect. The decision of whether or not to place an aging parent (or a loved one) into a long-term care facility, or to try and to keep them in their own home or yours is one that many American families are facing each day. Factors in dealing with this decision are too numerous to count, but we will address a few of them in the following paper, like the…show more content…
(Geewax, M. 2012). The fact that many people are living longer today than they ever have in history is increasing the overall cost of caring for family members in this traditional environment, and making it nearly impossible for the United States and American families to keep up with rising cost. According to the current statistics provided by AARP, the average person will spend about 2.44 years in a skilled nursing facility. With these estimates, the cost of providing skilled nursing care for just one parent is at about $190,588.00 dollars. Medicare covers about three percent of this cost in total or approximately $5700.00 dollars split over just first one hundred days. Medicare pays at one hundred percent the first 20 days. Then with Medicaid, the general rule of thumb is all personal holdings such as savings, properties and retirement funds must be expended prior to applying for the program. The one exception to this rule is owning a property the parent can apply for Medicaid with the understanding that their home will be sold and the proceeds of the sale going to the state. Additional cost are offset with social security, most facilities will allot forty dollars a month out a residents social security benefits then apply the remainder to the amount to the monthly bill. The remaining balance would then be the responsibility of the resident, resident’s family or Medicaid
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